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Rocks and Rope

Rock Climbing Group

We Regular arrange the One Day Rock Climbing camps around Indore -For Our Club Members and for other Institutions and Schools

Rock Climbing Camps :- We start our day with learning different types of knots , understand the terms used, technical equipments , Belaying method and we start rock climbing practice at rock wall , and descending by Absailing, River crossing gives us a experience that how we cross the rivers without wetting our cloths and equipments. Jumaring gives us exciting experience and test our physical fitness.

During this camp your all senses will be on full alert. This is a sports which has almost no rules, no time table and no boundaries except those of your own physical skill and courage.

Rock Climbing :-Rock Climbing is a part of a greater family of climbing activities which includes mountaineering ad ice-climbing.

Absailing :-A method of descending down a rock face or wall by using a fixed rope it is a part of Our One Day Rock Climbing Camp.

What you do is tie a rope to a firm anchor, attach your seat harness to it, move backwards until you reach the edge of the cliff and then let gravity do the hard work.

Jumaring :-A Jumar is a complicated looking equipment (a different type for each hand) which goes up but somehow doesn't come down .On particularly steep cliffs faces those with gradients of 85 degree or more. You attach the Jumar to the rope and then begin pulling yourself up. Easier then it sounds , but very difficult if you donít get the technique right.


We can Arrange a Customize One Day Rock Climbing Camp cum Trekking Camp for a Group


1. Out Camp Start with Learning different types of Knots like- Thumb knot, Reef Knot, Bowline,        

     Sheet Bend, Fisher man's knot etc.

2. Practice of Personal Safety and Equipment Care.

3. Belaying Method

4. Rock Climbing with ABC Methods

5. Absailing technique

6. River Crossing


For any queries -contact us at outdoor4u@rediffmail.com ; mmel@mantrafreenet.com