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Last Successful Camps :- 

Circular no. 17    
11-7-2004 Sunday Kajligarh trek A beautiful old fort surrounded with deep valley and waterfalls. We will explore a new water fall
25-7-2004 Sunday Jogi Bhadak falls trek Indore’s Niagra- a 100 feet road water fall and a high 400 feet waterfall. We will practice river crossing with ABC method
8-8-2004 Sunday Janapav hill trek

IInd highest point of Malwa Plateau.

This 2803 feet high Mountain originate River Chambal, Ghambhir, Nakari etc. You may literally walk in the clouds if it rains there ?

21-22 August Mandu Trekking Camp Trek along a River ( in Mandu? ) Climb high from 350 no. of "Sirhi" 350 on each side of dam so this place is known as Sat-su-Sirhi ( Seven hundred ladders). After trek depart by evening bus
5-9-2004 Sunday Tope Kund

New untamed place with series of water falls.

Also visiting Nakhari Dam

26-9-04 Sunday  Muhadi Water falls
Circular no. 16    
19-20 -06-2004  Omkareshwar Family Trek We will make the circular trek the big hill and chance to see the "Sangam" 
08-06-2004 Transit of Venus We had installed two astronomical telescope for viewing this unforgettable moment.
25-05-2004 Solang Glacier Himalayan Trekking Expedition Group Departure by Train
20/23-05-2004 Naiduniya Summer Affair Rappelling Camp at Abhay Prashal Building
08/09-05-2004 Kaushal Garh Trek Night Trekking Camp
4/5-05-2004 Lunar Eclipse Home Activities
18-04-2004 Star Gazing Camp
16-04-2004 Parent, Participant Meeting for Himalayan Camp
10/11-04-2004 Janapav Hill Night Trekking Camp
21-03-2004 Star Gazing camp At Press Complex
Circular no. 15    
22-02-2004 Muhadi Water Falls Trek One Day Trekking Camp
08-02-2004 Star Gazing Camp At Mr. Goving Khandelwal's House
11-01-2004 Birds watching Camp At Sirpur Reservoir
02-01-2003 Gidiya Kho Trekking camp One Day Trekking Camp
December 2003 Mandu Utsav Participation Paragliding, Parasailing, Rappelling, trekking and Cycling etc.  activities was conducted.
25 to 28-12-2003 Child Orientation Camp Lots Of activities for overall development of child
14-12-2003 Star Gazing Camp One Day Trekking Camp
07-12-2003 Rock Climbing Camp One Day Trekking Camp
16-11-2003 Sitlamata Waterfalls Trekking Camp One Day Trekking Camp
09-10-2003 Dipawali Milan Samahro At New Office
Circular no.14    
12-10-2003 Mahadeo Gufa Trek Caving
05-10-2003 Deshra Milan at Vipuls Residence
28-09-2003 Juna PAni Trek One Day Trekking Camp
14-09-2003 Janapav Trek One Day Trekking Camp
07-09-2003 Mendhi Kund Trek One Day Trekking Camp
30/31-08-2003 Lord Ganesha Exhibition At Devlalikar Kala Vithika
15 to 20-08-2003 Panchmarhi Trek 5 day Ppachmarhi trek
27-07-2003 Jogi Bhadak Trek One Day Trekking Camp
13-07-2003 Muhadi Water Falls Trek One Day Trekking Camp
06-07-2003 Kajligarh trek One Day Trekking Camp
Circular no. 13    
14/15-06-2003 Sahradhara trek At Maheshwar-Family Camp
25-05-2003 Star Gazing camp At Office building
19-05-2003 Himalayan Trekking Camp to Kuwari pass
03/04-05-2003 Janapav Night Trekking Camp. One Night Trekking Camp
13-04-2003 Rock Climbing Camp At Choral Road
Circular no. 12    
16/17-03-2003 Kalakund Trekking Camp Two Day Trekking Camp
16-02-2003 Ralamandel Trek One Day Trekking Camp
02-02-2003 Star Gazing camp One Day camp
19-01-2003 Juna PAni Trek One Day Trekking Camp
Circular no.11    
20/25-12-2002 Parasailing Camp At Cat Road
15-12-2002 Star Gazing camp At Club Office
06/07/08-12-2002 Photography Exhibition First Aid Work Shop
24-11-2002 Rock Climbing Camp One Day Camp
17-11-2002 Muhadi Waterfall Trek One Day Trekking Camp
20-10-2002 Sitlamata Water falls trek One Day trek
15-10-2002 Deshra Milan samaroh At Vipuls House
Circular no.10    
29-09-2002 Mahadeo Gufa Trek Ideal for Caving
15-09-2002 Juna Pani Trek One Day Trek
30/31-08-2002 Mandu Trekking Camp Family camp
18-08-2002 Mendhi kund Trek One Day Trek
August-September Valley of Flowers & Hemkund Saheb trekking Camp
04-08-2002 Jogi Bhadak Trekking Camp One Day trek
21-07-2002 Plantation Program
14-07-2002 Janapav Hill Trekking Camp One Day
07-07-2002 Kajligarh trek
Circular no. 9    
15/16-06-2002 Maheshwar Family Camp Its a Historic Place situated near to Narmada River.25 Family Members participated in this camp and visit "Sahastradhara".


Night Trekking Camp

A Family Night Camping Members enjoys the night trekking with torch in hand.
30-05-2002 Himalayan Trekking Expeditions

. BedniKund Trekking camp (Max Height 4067 Meters)

2. Roopkund Trekking Expedition ( Max Height 5029 Meters).

3. Beas Kund Trek - Height 3540 meters.

4. Hamts Pass Trek (enjoy Snow Mobile ride).

5. Devtibba Base Camp Trek

19-05-2002 Rappelling Camp

At Kanchla Water Falls,

Enjoyed Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Knots

Practice etc.

15-05-2002 Star Party 'Encounter of Venus with Moon'

Watch a close encounter of planet Venus

with Moon & also view beautiful planets

Constellations etc. by Telescope.


Naiduniya Summer Affair-Exhibition


Our Stall at Summer Affair-Abhay

Prashal, Indore,Indore MAYOR Mr. Kailash Vijayvargiya is also participating in Absailing Camp.

05-05-2002 Planet Triangle (Home Activity)

There is a equilateral triangle formed by planet Saturn Mars & Venus.

Members  watch it from their home, looking towards western sky.

4/5-05-2002 Star Party

Agrawal Nagar Ground, Behind Vikram Tower - Open for All Indorions. A Camp to give Introduction of Astronomy and Outdoor Activities.

Circular No. 8    
24-03-2002 Ralamandel Trek A Beautiful Hill- We will practice different types of Knots and Special tips for Rucksack packing 
10-03-2002 Valley Crossing & Absailing amp Entire New Activity- Enjoy Valley Crossing and Absailing
17-02-2002 Mendhi Kund Trek Big Water Fall and a deep valley around
3-02-2002 Star Gazing Camp

22, Press complex


26/27-01-2002 Ranthambor Trip Wild Life Sanctuary family Camping

Absailing Camp at

KajliGarh - New Location

Absailing on a Entire New Place at Kajligarh Jungle , Rock Climbing, Knots Practice etc.
06-01-2002 Star Party View beautiful planet Saturn and its ring, Jupiter, Mars, Constellations, Andromeda Galaxy , Zodiac Constellations etc. by Telescope.
22-12-2001 Exhibition Participation An Exhibition for School children
Circular no. 7    
Birds Watching Camp

At Sirpur Water Tank

Members  watch the migratory and resident birds

* Open  Exhibition for all members

* Photography Competition 

Members display their Adventures Photographs, Paintings, Coins, Stamps Collection, and Sculptures etc.  
4-11-2001 Star Gazing Camp Members watch the deep sky objects , planets, Moon and constellations.
14-10-2001 Mahadeo Gufa Trek Beautiful Deep Cave and a Water falls around
2 to 8-10-2001 Swadeshi Mela Lalbagh Indore
23-09-2001 Rock Climbing amp At Kachla Water falls
9-09-2001 Muhadi Water Falls Trek
Circular no. 6    
24-25-26-08-2001 Lord Ganesha Exhibition Organize at Devlalikar Kala Vithika
12-08-2001 Astronomy Camp We had a  night camping camp at Kalakund  for watching meteors activities
29-07-2001 Janapav hill Trek Second Highest point in Malwa Platue - Origin of River Chamble-Very old Temple of Lord Shiva  - picturesque landscape
15-07-2001 Jogi Bhadak Trek Beautiful series of waterfalls ( app. 300 feet high) - picturesque landscape
24-06-2001 Kajligarh Trek A beautiful old fort surrounded with dance forest and waterfalls. app 20 km. from Indore..
Circular no. 5    
3-06-2001 Rappelling Camp At Kachla Water Falls
20-05-2001 Star Gazing Camp At 22, Press Complex / Members Gaze the Planet Mars and Summer Constellations
May to June

Himalayan Trekking camps

1  -:Khauli Pass ( 3750 m) "Kanawar Wild Life Sanctuary"  

2  -: Dodital in Gangotri Area :-

 3  -:Vyas Kund -Manali region :-

 4  -:Dhana Kunu pass -Manali region 

29-04-2001 Parent -Participants Meeting / Orientation of HEAT 2001 All participants and their parents are invited for solve their queries about trekking, packing etc for   HEAT 2001programmes. Compulsorily for all participants of HEAT 2001
8-04-2001 Rappelling Camp Members Enjoying the Rappelling at 90  feet Walls
25-03-2001 Orientation of Heat 2001 Trekking Expedition Those who want to know about our HEAT Himalayan 2001 Trekking Program Please join this. like How to Pack Rucksack, Things to Bring, and other essentials.
Circular no. 4    
25-2-2001 Rappelling Camp Rappelling on 90 feet wall
4-2-2001 Ralamandel Trek Exciting Easy Trekking - we watch birds and wild life
21-01-2001 Rock Climbing Camp Participants Practice the Different types of knots used in Rock Climbing and in day-to-day life, Personnel Safety, Belaying method, Rock Climbing (ABC Method, Rappelling and River Crossing.
14-01-2001 Bird Watching Camp Highlight -Now the Sirpur tank is going to host the Migratory Birds
12/13/14-01-2001 Birds Photographs Exhibition Photographs are taken from the  Sirpur Water Tank, Ralamandel, Choral jungle etc.
26/27/28-12-2000 Star Gazing Camp Krishna Narang Charitable trust,89, Jaora Compound, Indore
23/24-12-2000 Greater Baba Form House,” Nav Grah mandir, Bijasen-Gomatgiri Road, Indore  
19/20/21-12-2000 At Institute office, 22, Press complex, A.B. Road, Indore
16/17-12-2000 Mathura Mahal,(In front of Vrandavan Garden,Near Chothram Hospital
Circular no. 3    
19-11-2000 Star Gazing and Local Trekking Video Show Members Enjoyed the telescopic view of Planet Saturn, Planet Venus, Jupiter, Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, Zodiacal Constellations, Our Milky Way etc
12-11-2000 Trekking Camp - Bamaniya Kund One Day, Beautiful site and waterfalls, We practice artificial Rock Climbing to climb up on Water Fall Zone .
21/22-10-2000 Open Exhibition for all Members Members Displayed their Trekking (Local and Himalayan) Photographs of   , Paintings, and, Fine arts. Peoples gives very Good response
11-10-2000 Rock Climbing Knots practice Members learned different king of Rock Climbing Knots like-Thumb, Reef, Bow line, Sheet Bend, Fisher Men's etc.
1-10-2000 Muhadi Water Falls Trekking Camp One day Trek ;Beautiful series of waterfalls
8-9-10 September- 2000 Lord Ganesha Exhibition We have organized a exhibition of Pictures of lord Ganesha collected by Our Member More then 2500 pictures displayed over their.-People gives us  tremendous response.
Circular No.2    
4 / 6-8-2000 Mandu Trekking Camp Two Day Camp, Hiking to Lohani caves, sat-su sirhi i.e. Seven hundred Steps
16-7-2000 Janapav Hill Trekking Camp One Day Camp, Heights point in Malwa Plateau, 500 feet mountain, origin of River Chambel
2-7-2000 Jogi Bhadak Series of Water Falls One Day Trekking Camp, Wonderful series of waterfall.
11-6-2000 Kajligarh Trekking Camp One Day Camp, Visited  200 yrs old fort and explore the jungle.
4-6-2000 Rock Climbing camp One Day Camp Member practice Rock Climbing with ABC Method, learn different types of Mountaineering Knots, River Crossing, and Rappelling etc
31-4-2000 Rock Climbing Camp
17-4-2000 Parasailing at Mhow One Day Camp
Circular no. 1    
15-4-2000 Night Trekking at Kalakund to Mhow Our club first trek and we did whole night trek of 20 km

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