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Absailing on a 90 feet high Wall -Indore, Kanchla Water Falls

"We can also Do this" - A Lady enjoying the Adventure of Absailing - Indore

  "Chhota Baccha mat Samazo"

6 years Old Child feeling Adventurous

A Absailing Group - Indore


1. Our camp starts with learning different types of Knots like- Thumb knot, Reef Knot, Bowline, Sheet Bend, Fisher man's knot , Clow Hitch etc.

2. Understanding Personal Safety for making individual Confident.

3. Belaying Method to provide Safety,

5. Absailing technique with long sling method, Shoulder Absailing, Stomach & Side Absailing.

During this camp all senses will be on full alert. This is a sports which has almost no rules, no time table and no boundaries except those of your own physical skill and courage.

There are so many places around Indore where we have found good Rock Walls,  idle for Absailing.