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The word "Outdoor" contains all aspect of Nature, Environment and Adventures. Outdoor activities like Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Trekking, Water sports, Para sports, etc. have been largely used for the purpose of recreation and exploration. These activities leave their great impact not just on body, but also on the mind of the participating peoples.


Adventure pursuits help to develop individual and leadership qualities, which are essential for those who have to inspire others, achieve excellence in their respective fields. 


It helps bring out character traits like..

# Fore sight, Forward planning of option

# Accepting Responsibilities,

# Determination and resilience in adverse conditions,

# Stamina for sustained work

# Self reliance and confidence in oneís ability to overcome obstacles and an optimistic outlook on life that have great

relevance for successful corporate managers.


These activities aims to develop team building ,better communication, identifying risk factors and other character traits. But above all itís FUN.


One day Camps


01 - Nature Trekking Camp

Place - Any beautiful Waterfalls, Forts, Forest.


# Introduction, Group Formation and Camp


# Nature Walk in a forest or along a river.

# Basics and of Do's and Don't of Trekking.

# Tips on How to Ascend & Descend in hills.


02 - Rock Climbing Camp


# Small trek in wild up to the Rock wall.

# Introduction to Climbing Gear & Care.

# Rope Knotting Practice & Anchoring.

# Practice Absailing technique with long Sling Method

# Rock Climbing with ABC Method

# Understanding the belaying process and personal safety


03 - Bird Watching Camp

# Bird Watching session along a river with Binoculars.

# Basics and of Do's and Don't of Birding.

# Understanding the behavior of different birds.


 04 - Astronomy / Star Gazing Camp



# Basics of Astronomy, terms, Star System, Solar System.

# Watch Planet Saturn with its beautiful ring system, & moons

# Astronomical view of Planet Jupiter , Venus, Moon Creators, Andromeda Galaxy, Nebulas, Clusters, Constellations and their myths etc.

# Working of Astronomical Telescope.


05 - Team development Camp

Activities :-

It's a day camp where some exercise practices with a rope garden( First time ever) concept where all the participants has to go through some special rope structures & obstacles and a team building exercises.


06 - Parasailing Camp

Activities :- Fly like a bird is the ambitions of everyone and this thought can de fulfilled by parasailing.

Maximum launch per day is between 30 - 45 (depends upon wind conditions).

No previous experience is needed fro flying.


07 - Night Trekking Camp

Duration : One Full Moon Night

Activities :-

# Understanding Valley and Geography of place.

# Camp Fire - learn Tee Pee method.

# Night Trekking in the Jungle with torch in hands.


Duration 2 to 12 days Camps


08 - Panchmadi / Mandu Adventure Camp

Activities :-

# Rock Climbing

# Absailing

# Trekking

# Local Sight Seeing

# Tent pitching , Camp Fire

# Survival tips, Rope Knoting demonstration etc.

Group size Min 45 nos.

0 9 -Wild Life and Birds Watching Camp

Duration - 2 to 4 days

Place - Ranthambhor, Bharatpur , Bandhavgarh, Melghat etc.


10 - Himalayan Nature Study camp

Place - Manali, Nainital, Dalhousy, Leh , Nepal and in all Himalaya .


Its a special designed Trekking camp for School Children in the high places of Himalaya.They have great chance to walk in the terrain of High Himalaya and to understand Peoples, Customs and Environment.

Its a great chance to observe the Himalayan flora and fauna.


11 - Nature Club Camp / Environmental Studies

Activities :-

# Introduction, Group formation and Camp objectives.

# Nature Walk in a forest or along a river with introduction to flora & fauna.

# Bird Watching Session.

# Environment Games.

# Visit to a Tribal Village.

# Project Work & Quiz.

# Camp Fire

# Feed back and Reporting writing


Other Customize Adventures :-

Desert Safari , Scuba diving , Bunjee and Ballooning camp, White Water Rafting , Skiing , Surfing,Kayaking & Yatching ,Mountaineeting Expedition, Skiing, Ice Climbing


Special features may be added to camp

- Map Reading and Making

- Clouds and Weather studies

- Geography

- Water Conservation

- Survival in Jungle, use of megnatic Compass etc.


Special Camps for Teachers / Administrators


# "Games for Teachers" - Learning methods that focus on skills such as listening, following directions, cooperation, diversity, patience, team work and many other.

# Experiential activities that work in a traditional class room.

# Techniques of integrating adventure based activities into existing lesson plans.

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