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            Up coming Camps



Date Program Reporting venue & time & Place / Fee / Transportation Things to Bring
20 March, 2005- Sunday Star Gazing Camp R.venue 22, Press Complex Optional:- Binocular, Torch, Star Chart, and Food Stuff
R.time 7 - 9 pm
Fee Free
By Own Vehicle


Highlight : - Watch astronomical view of
- Saturn & its ring system and satellite Titan.
- Planet Jupiter and its four moons..
- Moon and its craters .
- Constellations, Orion , Taurus, Pegasus, Ursa Major , Auriga etc.
-Astronomical telescope and its function.
Note: - Subject to sky and viewing conditions.

16 & 17 April, 2005 Night Trekking Camp to Kalakund R.Venue 16-04-05 Saturday at Railway Station Platform No. 1 Main gate Dinner, Water bottle, Torch (No pencil cell please), Mattress, Swatter / Jacket/ Shawl, Wear sports shoes, Small Knife, 
R.Time 3.00 pm sharp
Fee Rs 60/- per head
By 4.00 pm Train
16.4.05 Saturday
- Depart from Indore by 4.00 pm train for Kalakund. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of hills and tunnels.
Arrive Kalakund Railway Station around 7.00 pm Enjoy the beautiful valley and Station. Climb small hill for warm up. Dance and Fun Jocks around Camp fire and enjoy Tiffin and get ready for trek to the Jungle of Kalakund.
Trek whole Night and return around 5.00 am to Kalakund Railway Station and take a Early Morning train for Indore
17-04-05 Sunday- Arrival by morning train.
23-24 April, 2005- Sunday Sayaji Club Camp
Star Gazing & Absailing
R.Venue 23-04-05 - Sayaji Club Optional:- Binocular, Torch, Star Chart, and Food Stuff
R.Time 7-9.00 pm
Fee Free
By Own Vehicle
23-04-2005 & 24-04-2005 Star Gazing Camp at Sayaji Club

24-04-2005, Sunday - Absailing camp on Sayaji Hotel Building
Time for Absailing 4.00 - 6.00 pm
Absailing camp Fee :- For Outdoor Members Rs. 75/- For Sayaji Members:- Rs 150/-
Limited Entry - Please register Yourself

7-05-2005 Saturday Himalayan Camp Meeting R.Venue 308, Chetak Center Highlight : Know more details of Himalayan Trekking & it's route.
Guidance on things to bring, How to pack rack sake, and other queries.
R.Time 5-6.00 pm
Fee Free
By Own Vehicle
22-05-2005 Departure

2-06-2005 Arrival

Most awaited event of the year

Himalayan Trekking Camp
Talang Pass ( 4643 Mts) Trail

Dhauladhar Range
12 days Trekking Camp 
For Students, Families & Corporate
Booking on first come first serve basis.
Please insure your seat as soon as possible, So that we can make the reservations well in advance.
Suitable for - 10 yrs. and above), Special arrangement for families

Click Here for More Information



Things to bring for trekking: One time Lunch, Water Bottles, Back Pack, Rubber sole shoe, Girls / Ladies please wear salvar kamiz or Jeans T-shirts, optional: Camera, Binocular ,Rain cote, Cap , Magnetic Campus etc…

For Night Trekking :- Torch with Extra Cells (Big Cells), Specs, Small mattress, Two big water bottles, One time food, Please wear full sleeve cloths and full pants & Binoculars optional for Star Gazing 



~ Programs may change at the moment because it depends upon weather conditions, No. of participants and availability of transportation and

   other factors.

~ Please give us your pre information before joining any program whenever possible. 

~ Please Collect all your Lord Ganesha pictures to improve Our Members Collection.

~ Volunteers are required for the various exhibitions/ Programmers like Star Gazing Show , please Contact.

~ Please deposit the membership fee if you have not deposit yet OR GET THE HELP OF VOLUNTEERS.

~ For Non Members Rs 20/- extra with member only.


Modified on 01/03/2005